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The main focus of this program is fat burning. I'm not using the term "weight loss" - specifically because this program is designed precisely to maximize fat burn while maintaining muscle mass. Also, I don't promise any muscle gain because, from the physiological point of view, these two goals cannot be achieved simultaneously. Nevertheless, about 50% of participants report some improvements in muscle mass at the end of this program, and overall health improvements.

By the end of the program, you can expect to see a completely new person in the mirror. My main goal is to lead you to your best shape, PLUS provide you all the knowledge necessary for you to independently achieve any and all your body goals post-program. You'll be getting a comprehensive suite of knowledge and tools, based on hundreds of scientific researches and years of experience.

This program is the ultimate FAT BURNING MARATHON, but instead of giving you a menu or training program copied from the internet, I give you powerful practical knowledge of nutrition and physiology, and teach you how to implement it into your life.

There will be no prepared menus or recipes. Instead, you'll get a solid understanding of what your body needs and HOW to organize your nutrition, so you can look like how you always wanted to look. There will be NO burpees, planks, or exhausting cardio sessions. [Spoiler alert: there will be NO CARDIO AT ALL. Cardio is pretty much prohibited.] Instead, we'll discuss physiology and I'll introduce you to a number of training approaches.

You will try on the best existing training methods, PLUS learn how to build your own workout programs.

You will explore different strategies and the most efficient diet protocols - that are well-used in the fitness world today.

Get immersed in the same training methods used by professionals, such as models, actors, and top athletes when they are preparing for a show, shoot, or competition. All these methods are here, in this program. I give them to you, and you are free to use them for the rest of your life.

4-5 months depending on your progress. By the end of the term, if you've followed all my directions thoroughly, you'll reach your top shape. After that, you will need to take a break and rest.

Why 4-5 months only?

This program is not just some "intuitive training" - where you arrive at the gym and decide what machine or piece of equipment you are in the mood for, or where your trainer decides for you.

It's a solid multi-component protocol that has been thoroughly designed, tested, and approved. Even though it provides a variety of options, working schemes, and methods, it's curated, strategized, and structured according to a plan.

The entire program is divided into 4 periods. Each period is 4-5 weeks. There's an optional fifth period - "final preparation" where I will guide you into your top shape before the photoshoot, if you are planning one (2 weeks).

No group-training sessions.

It's a personal coaching program. We are going to communicate through messenger: chat, voice messages, and video calls. At the beginning of each period, I will explain the program and strategy for the upcoming period. Once a week, we will arrange a call for a Q&A session or make adjustments if needed. During the week I will be receiving your reports and providing you feedback.

Basically, you are getting a personal, highly qualified specialist.

On top of your best shape you will also get:
- Improved strength and general fitness level
- Improved health markers
- Rebalanced hormonal system
- Increased insulin resistance
- Improved cardiovascular capacity
- Improved flexibility
- Improved joint strength and health
- An arsenal of best training methods and diet protocols. Plus an understanding of how to use them.
- Knowledge about supplements and pharmaceuticals. How to use them and support your health on the way to your goal. (Note: We do not cover steroids, this subject is not covered in this course).
- A "getting off the program" plan. A bonus strategy on how to maintain your achievements after you finish the program.


This is my current shape. No photoshop or staged shooting, just passing-by the mirror. I've finished my 5th month program about a week ago and am now gradually getting off the diet. I'm 37 and have never looked or felt better.

You probably think: Yeah, you are a trainer, you ran bootcamps, you are always fit.
Let me tell you this: my last Bootcamp group was over a year ago. My last cardio session was also about a year ago. In fact, I did ZERO cardio according to this same training program that you will experience.

I am not a bootcamp trainer anymore, and the ONLY thing that differentiates me from any of my students is built-up discipline, consistency, knowledge, and experience. The last two I'm gladly willing to teach you!

If you think you need special/good genetics or a quick metabolism to achieve some physical/aesthetic/fitness greatness, you will soon learn that this is not true!
And believe me, from the physiological point of view, we are more similar than you think.
Like ANYONE, I gain fat if I let go. I can be lazy, feel weak or struggle to be disciplined - same as everyone.
We all have about 700 muscles in our bodies. They might be more or less-developed at the moment, but any person can equally develop or lose their muscles.
We have the same set of hormones. Different concentrations, but they all work in pretty much the same way in EVERY-BODY.
We all have the same way of accumulating and utilizing fat. We all build muscles, burn them, build up our neuro-muscular connections, utilize glucose and fatty acids, store and utilize glycogen, oxygen, nutrients - all these processes in the human body are THE SAME.
So in terms of fat burning, neither I nor you are unique. Yes, we may have different anthropometry, muscle mass and fitness backgrounds, but it is only up to how to apply and tailor the strategy, and need for nothing more.
This is what I'm going to teach you.