Weight Loss Rule #1

weight loss, lean body, calorie deficit
When it comes to weight loss there is only one rule that lies in the fundament of success.
It refers to the first law of thermodynamics and, same as all laws of physics, it works all the time without exceptions.
The rule sounds like that: "Deficit creates weight loss".
It means that to get leaner, all you need - is to spend more energy than you consume with food. This is the main and the only rule of weight loss, and if this condition is not met - weight loss is not possible.
Seems pretty obvious and straight forward right? But surprisingly too many people forget about it on the way. And as a result - overthink and overcomplicate their weight loss journey.
So every time you try a new diet, new workout, or fat-burning superfood - if it works, it’s only because this condition was met.
Same time if I eat clean, count every calorie in my low-fat yogurt, and still struggle to get lean, and my friend who eats whatever she wants and remains skinny b***, it’s only because she, somehow, managed to create a calorie deficit, and I have not.
It is as simple as that.
Unfortunately, the trick is that both parts of the equation, our calorie expenditure and calorie consumption, are not always what they seem. We tend to underestimate consumption and overestimate our energy expenditure. And that creates difficulties and confusion. But the Rule I’m talking about is flawless and works 100% of the time.
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