The "Blind Spot" of Fitness Motivation

The " Blind Spot" of Fitness Motivation
The Importance of training motivation is being largely overrated.

Think about this: how many people like to go to work? I mean job... From day to day do the same working routine. And how many of those who don't like it, still do it?

Turns up you don't need to be motivated to do your job? Same with working out, with the only difference - results from not working will be seen much sooner than results from not working out. But eventually, you can see results from both. Trust me. And I could put a full stop here, considering that I have delivered the main thought. But instead, let me explain two main principles, understanding and incorporating which will free you from the necessity of finding the motivation to workout or looking for fitness motivational quotes and videos.

I call them ground principles of raw training motivation. They are the Subversive context's elimination and the Favorable condition's creation.

The Subversive Context

Despite common belief, the key to getting results in fitness is quite straightforward: there is a bunch of things that you should and you shouldn’t do. And a combination of those “DOs” and “DONTs” define the result that we have.
For example: to get lean you should opt for a protein-rich and calorie-deficient diet over spontaneous or intuitive eating. Most people know that. When I explain these things to my students, they always nod the mane looking agree and aware. But when it comes to adherence, in 8 cases out of 10 they would struggle to commit to all of the recommendations. And they would always have a good reason for that.
Usually, all those reasons are different, but I combine them all under the term of Subversive Context.

Here's what I mean.
One of the most common things that I hear from students is - "I can’t hit my protein goal because...(followed by some explanation)" :
I can’t eat that much.
I don’t like eggs.
I don’t like chicken.
I am vegetarian.
I don’t have time to cook.
I eat at work.
I have to eat out because of my job etc.

All of those are valid reasons!
But all that translated into your body language sounds like that: I UNDEREAT PROTEIN. Period.
You see what happens? Subversive Context doesn’t change the situation, it only explains to us why we can’t reach the desired results and with that, it justifies the failure. In a matter of saying, it grants the right not to stick to the rules and saves us from self-nagging and a feeling of guilt.
And the worst thing is that it works like mental anesthesia that numbs down the frustration and pain from being unhappy and angry at yourself. When in reality this pain should be nourished as it provides a strong drive to take action and change things.
And the truth is - everyone has this subversive context. No one ever is always motivated, energized, and has all the favorable conditions. But only those succeed who manage to ignore the subversive context or find a loophole around it.
So if you want to get your results: define your DOs and DON'Ts and drop the context.

Favorable conditions

Changes in our body have accumulative character and don’t happen overnight.
Our body is a homeostatic system that is programmed for stability. Changes in this environment can happen only as an adaptation to new conditions. In the context of physical development, it happens like this.
Let’s say I decided to start lifting weights and incorporate that as a new habit. Training load is a stress. Stress for our body, and our Central nervous system, the CNS. And both of them don’t like to be stressed. And if the training load (I.e. stress) has repetitive character, they have to adapt, by developing new qualities or enhancing existing ones, so the training load won’t disturb the homeostasis that much in the future. As a result, for example, It improves the neuro-muscular connection (the connection between our CNS and muscles) so I get better coordination, my moves become more efficient, and my brain can generate stronger impulses and recruit more motor units in my muscles. Which makes me stronger. It enhances my cardiovascular capacity which improves my endurance stamina and conditioning. It enlarges the glycogen depot and enhances the phosphate cycle of ATP resynthesis which also increases my workout capacity making me stronger and more explosive.
Etc, etc, etc.
All these numerous and, most of the time, unseen changes, result in overall improved performance and body shape.
And each of them is a microevolution within your body, which is only possible through an extensive period.
This means, that a change in your lifestyle ( like going to the gym ) should become a new condition before it’ll make any change.
Unfortunately, it also means, that when I introduce myself to more laid-back conditions my body will also adjust accordingly. And this often becomes a big surprise for online fitness marathon enthusiasts. The “I-want-to-lose-weight-before-vacations” kind of people. Often people imagine getting to their fitness goals as a final destination: "Once I lose weight, and build muscles - my life is gonna change". But it’s misguided. Because even once you reach your fitness goal - to stay like that you need to maintain these conditions. You always need to do what you did to save this shape. Because our body ALWAYS reflects our lifestyle.
That’s why adapting a lifestyle is the only way to achieve long-term results.

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