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At YOLOFIT, discover a happier, healthier, fitter you in the world's most exotic nature-scapes!
YOLOFIT designs bootcamp-style «fitness holidays and retreats». The one-week program is structured and comprehensive, and is available every week. It can be customised according to your busy schedule, goals and fitness levels.

We immerse our clients in some of the world's most undiscovered nature-scapes, with the aim to shape and strengthen their body, and empower them to integrate fitness into their everyday lives.

If there's one thing we all hate it's a boring workout. A boring workout will never get you fitter, sexier or happier. Here's the secret. If you want it, you've got to LIVE it!

Through YOLOFIT's highly creative travel-fitness program, discover what it means to: TRAIN like you mean it, LIVE life to the fullest, and ENJOY what you truly deserve.
To help you find the happier, healthier and fitter you. To share and inspire a lifestyle of joy, confidence and satisfaction!
«Y.O.L.O» stands for «You Only Live Once». «Fit» describes a person in top physical form and who lives a healthy and active lifestyle.

Together, the term «YOLOFIT» means to live the best life possible, by integrating fitness in every aspect of one's life.

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